7 of 9 + 2 of 9 = Group of 9

In 2009 the Group of 9 appeared out + about, around town in Cambridge + Melrose. Now, for a limited time, you can download free live tracks from the Group of 9 Bandcamp page, cleverly embedded here for your listening enjoyment + sharing goodness + fun.

<a href="http://groupof9.bandcamp.com/track/take-back-the-land-riverjordan">take back the land | riverjordan by group of 9</a>

<a href="http://groupof9.bandcamp.com/track/osama-bin-laden-an-american-folktale">Osama Bin Laden ( an American Folktale ) by group of 9</a>

<a href="http://groupof9.bandcamp.com/track/singersongwritersong">singerSongwriterSong by group of 9</a>

<a href="http://groupof9.bandcamp.com/track/singersongwriter-interlude">singerSongwriter interlude by group of 9</a>

Don't forget to watch for future appearances of Group of 9 { sometimes posted here, othertiMes on Facebook } + their manifold performative variations { such as Laugh Foundation }.


9 background + histrionics

Sometime in 2003 Deb Mascara + lou suSi were involved in the neo-dada live radio theatre act Radio Pü, collaborating with top-notch musicians, thespians, performance artists & sociopolitical activists as a means to protest the ongoing + quotidan sad state of affairs we witness on a daily basis through mass media & the cleverly disguised 'democratic consumerist' culture { aka Darwinian capitalism or The Great American Exploitation Machine Era }.

One nite, following Radio Pü's critically-acclaimed 'Behind the Müzak' installment at The Milky Way Lounge & Lanes { Jamaica Plain, try the pizza düde }, it was evident that the VH1 Rock 'n' Roll curse had indeed wrapped its velvet condom around the shaft of alL that was alive & vital in Püdom during this fruitful era. Months & months passed without mention made of WPüR, VFW Lady, Dr. Brett McCallister, The Evil Dr. Cage, The Biscuit Boyz, The Pü Boat, Stü Dinty or The Bacon Channel.

Eventually Deb + lou, in the wake + misery of this lack of Pü, decided to collaborate again in some way, shape or form. And muchLike the collaborative duetic nature of The Wonder Twins w/ alL their devine extra-terrestrial powers + gifts, Deb + lou were to bless many a North Shore open mike w/ soMe form of collaborative song, reading or performance. From month to month, the output from this duo, eventually dubbed 'Group of 9' by the rowdy citizens at Outloud Open Mike @ The Beebe in Melrose, the output was varied, unpredictable, & at least 2 songs in length.

At this point, Deb + lou ... aka 7 of 9 + 2 of 9 ... have multiple cross-functional collaborative energies across several projects. Radio Pü started off the written, spoken, musical + performative dialog between them. Other projects following the Pü include Beware the Haberdash { Marco D'Amico of Orfila on lead vocals and guitars, lou on guitars and Deb on drums ... lou playing the John Oates to Marco's Daryl Hall, Deb playing the John Bonham to Marco's Robert Plant }, Scara's Night Out { lou's loose affiliations w/ the host, Deb's marital relations w/ the principal & founder of the wildly successful Lizard Lounge residency of an Avant Variety variety }, The Fnckinghams { well, that's not quite started yet } and Unlike Charlie { the experimental interpretive movement ensemble that combines post-modürn ballet w/ Southern Deep Fried cookin' goodness }.

The locations + venues that Group of 9 hits has expanded since the original inception in 2005 or so. Now, when not performing at Outloud Open Mike, Group of 9 has been known to hit up The Squawk Coffeehouse as well as Tom Bianchi's Open Mike Challenge @ The Lizard Lounge. Future dates to be listed right here on this very website.

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Songs + pieces by Group of 9 in various performances thusfar include and do NOT exclude :

Fine, Fine Day
Leonard Nimoy
The Venus of Suffering
Osama Bin Laden
Starin' at the Sun
Excerpts from :
The Dildo Diaries
Hey! What You Gone
Do For Your Freedom?
The Chicken Dance 2.0